Pans of Hope

Living Hope has a Steel Pan group called "Pans of Hope".

The group regularly performs for church services and special events.

All are welcome and encouraged to join the group - come learn how to play Steel Pan!

What are Steel Pans?

Steel Pans are musical instruments originating in the Caribbean.  Steel Pan musicians are called "Pannists".  Steel Pans are sometimes called "Steel Drums", referring to the steel drum containers from which the Pans are made.  However, the instrument is more correctly called a Steel Pan or simply a "Pan" as it falls into the idiophone family of instruments.  As such, it is not a drum as we normally define one.  Pans are the only instruments made to play in the Pythagorean musical cycle of fourths and fifths.

The Pan is struck using a pair of straight sticks tipped with rubber.  The size and type of rubber tip varies according to the class of Pan being played.  Some musicians use four Pan sticks, holding two in each hand.

In Toronto, we have a sister WELS congregation of mostly Caribbean Canadian brothers and sisters who worship primarily with the Pans as their instruments of choice.


Here are a few of our performances.  If you would like to see others, let us know!




In May of 2021, Pans of Hope held a benefit concert to raise money to purchase a new "6-Bass" the

large instrument consisting of 6 full-sized 55-gallon oil drums.  Below is a video recording of the concert!